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Sacramento, Washington DC, March 23 – Today, as the comment period closed on the California Air Resources Board’s proposed rule to cut methane pollution from oil & gas air facilities, Earthworks urged CARB to adopt the rule.

“CARB’s rule would immediately make California the global leader in protecting communities and climate from methane and associated toxic air pollution emitted by oil and gas operations,” said Earthworks’ Energy Director Bruce Baizel. He continued, “It would also open the possibility for communities to protect themselves by enforcing the leak detection portion of the rule.”

The rule provides for specific leak detection schedules and repair timelines to fix emissions from a broad range of oil and gas facilities. The proposal also encourages CARB and the local Air Resources Boards to coordinate on approaches to implement this rule. These approaches can include partnerships with communities that provide opportunities for Californians to take part in oil and gas enforcement by notifying regulators when leaks and other violations occur.

“This rule is a ‘win-win-win’,” said Baizel. He continued, “Regulators win because they can save time and money by empowering communities to assist with enforcement. Oil and gas companies win because they release less revenue-generating methane. And communities win who are forced to live near oil and gas operations because they get cleaner air.”

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