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At 2pm today, the Trump Administration is expected to release a sweeping executive order rolling back climate initiatives put in place during the previous administration. Based on last night's White House briefing, Earthworks' Policy Director Lauren Pagel has the following statement:

“Over the past two years, Earthworks has crisscrossed the country, documenting oil and gas facilities leaking methane, a potent greenhouse gas pollutant over 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. In 360 videos in 16 states, Earthworks has found methane and associated volatile organic compounds — oil and gas pollution that is proven to harm the health of people living nearby.

Dismantling the Interior Department’s and the Environmental Protection Agency’s methane pollution safeguards demonstrates the Trump administration’s complete disregard for science. With this Executive Order, President Trump puts our children, our health and the climate in harm’s way in order to put more money in the pockets of oil and gas billionaires.”