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Today President Biden released his first detailed budget proposal. The proposal calls for the elimination of many fossil fuel subsidies as part of the larger shift to a clean energy economy. It also calls for the elimination of some metal mining subsidies, including the repeal of the Percentage Depletion Allowance. President Biden’s budget also proposes the largest ever investment in environmental justice communities to support the BIPOC and low-income communities that disproportionately bear the burdens of pollution and the impacts of the climate crisis. A recent International Energy Agency report endorses ending government support for fossil fuels, citing the urgent need to protect the climate. 

Below is a statement from Earthworks Senior Policy Counsel Aaron Mintzes:

“President Biden’s move to end many fossil fuel giveaways is one step toward a just transition and renewable energy economy. But we cannot replace dirty fossil fuels with dirty mining. 

“Electric vehicles and renewable energy infrastructure require minerals now dug out of the ground at great cost to communities and the environment. So we’re glad that the Biden budget also ends some subsidies that incentivise mining instead of metals recycling and reuse.

“In order to build a truly clean, just and sustainable energy economy, we must develop a shared commitment to responsible mineral sourcing, recycling, substitution and materials efficiency, coupled with a reduction in overall energy and mineral demand.”