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The latest IPCC report issues a dire, final warning for governments worldwide to rapidly scale up  climate efforts in order to avoid a catastrophic 1.5 degree temperature rise. In no uncertain terms, the report urges the end to any new fossil fuel permitting, urges developed countries to fast-track efforts to reach net zero by 2040, and calls for fossil fuel subsidies to pivot to funding a just, renewable energy transition, among other recommendations.  

Statement from Earthworks Policy Director Lauren Pagel:

“This is a clarion call for governments across the globe to ramp up all efforts to reduce pollution  from fossil fuels. It is critical that the Biden Administration move to declare a climate emergency in light of the urgency and the need for an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to staving off a global climate catastrophe. It’s time for Biden to use every tool in the toolbox to deny new fossil fuel projects and throw the full weight of the federal government behind decarbonization.”

“As we move towards a transition towards more electric-powered alternatives, it is critical we are also taking proactive steps to ensure we are avoiding any collateral damage to people and our environment that could result from extracting minerals used in  renewable  energy technologies. The clean energy transition cannot be built on dirty mining. While we must move at a rapid pace towards this transition, we must prioritize people and protect our communities’ health, water and human rights in the process.”