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Camila Ruiz Gallardo, camilarg@earthworksaction.org, 305-215-4259

Earthworks Policy Director Lauren Pagel said:

“On the heels of the latest IPCC report that issues a final warning about the need to halve emissions and stop new fossil fuel projects, this latest attempt to fast-track new fossil fuel and mining projects is in direct contradiction to the climate commitments we’ve made and the efforts that have gone into pushing for a transition to clean energy. Further, the bill is an attack on environmental justice and weakens our core environmental laws at the time we need them most.

“We cannot say we are committed to ambitious climate goals on the one end while supporting the continued development of dirty mining and fossil fuel infrastructure on the other. The transition to clean energy cannot wait and it cannot be built on irresponsible development that sickens people, pollutes the water and poisons the air of nearby communities.”