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Rebekah Staub, rstaub@earthworks.org

WASHINGTON — The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) announced that it will vote on Venture Global’s proposed CP2 LNG project in Southwest Louisiana at its meeting this Thursday. The decision comes after the Biden administration issued a temporary pause on reviewing applications to export liquefied “natural” gas (LNG).

Statement from Kelsey Crane, Senior Policy Advocate at Earthworks:

“The Biden administration’s commitment to addressing climate change and environmental justice is in the spotlight as they’re faced with approving yet another mega-polluting fossil fuel project in the Gulf South. Louisianans whose health, safety, and livelihoods are impacted by this decision are counting on FERC to stop the injustices they face every day and reject CP2. FERC cannot be asked to make decisions on behalf of the public while other government agencies have paused to consider the impact of exporting LNG.”