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Statement of Earthworks’ Energy Program Director Bruce Baizel on BP’s burden of proof given the industry’s history of greenwashing:

“Taken at face value, BP’s promise to reach net zero climate pollution by 2050 is very welcome.

“But as the 10 year anniversary of the BP Gulf spill approaches, as mainstream investors turn sour on the long term future of the oil and gas industry, the company that previously claimed it was ‘Beyond Petroleum’ needs more than just words.  It has powerful incentives to make strong claims in order to maintain its social license to operate and to avoid billions of dollars in stranded assets that cannot be extracted. BP’s past performance gives us little reason to trust current promises.

“We will look to see BP reduce emissions, and then produce. This means a commitment to independent verification of their overall climate pollution reduction, before expansion into new extraction occurs.

“We look forward to BP proving that, this time, its climate promise is real.”


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