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Statement of Kendra Pinto of Twin Pines, located in the Eastern Agency of the Navajo Nation in northern New Mexico near Chaco Canyon in the San Juan Basin:
“The laws of the Navajo Nation and the United States of America should protect people, our lands, and our health. Without the Interior Department’s rule to curb methane emissions on public lands, we allow the oil and gas industry to burn our money, and our health, away.”

Statement of Earthworks Policy Director Lauren Pagel:
“For years the oil and gas industry lobby has promised it would control its methane pollution. As we have documented for years with infrared cameras, it has failed to do so. The exception? In states like Colorado, where strong safeguards were developed in cooperation with industry, we have documented significantly less methane and associated toxic air pollution. We need similar safeguards for all public lands to protect all Americans.”