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“The passage of a fracking ban in Denton Texas is first and foremost a victory for Denton residents. It’s a victory for their families’ health, for their economy, and for their future.

But it’s also a victory for communities across the country.

Denton, Texas, is where hydraulic fracturing was invented. It’s home to more than 275 fracked wells. It’s a place that knows fracking perhaps better than any other. If this place in the heart of the oil and gas industry can’t live with fracking, then who can?

The answer, at present, is ‘no one’.

That’s why fracking bans and moratoria are spreading like wildfire across the country.

And the oil and gas industry has no one but itself to blame.

Perhaps banning fracking in Denton, Texas will finally force the oil and gas industry to clean up its act.

Because blaming the impacted community is a losing strategy. It lost them Denton, and it will lose them the hearts and minds of the country.”

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