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Background: The 28th Conference of Parties, or COP28, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates closed Wednesday, December 13th, with an agreement to transition away from fossil fuels. The commitment fell short of demands of the full, fast, fair, funded phase out of all oil, gas and coal. However, it marks the first time the nearly 200 nation-state signers of the Paris Agreement have officially acknowledged that fossil fuels are the primary cause of the climate crisis and that a transition away from fossil fuels is necessary to preserve the aim of keeping atmospheric warming below 1.5C.

Statement by Earthworks Policy Director Lauren Pagel:

It is a major milestone for world leaders to finally acknowledge, in one voice, that fossil fuels have caused and continue to drive the climate crisis and commit to ‘transition away’ from them. This achievement was made possible by activist pressure leading up to and at COP28 and by millions more working tirelessly for climate justice around the world. This moment is theirs. This moment is ours.

“While we celebrate this commitment, the final COP28 agreement also regrettably contained enough loopholes for false solutions and dangerous distractions to negate the action we need.  We cannot let up.

“More than this commitment, the actions President Biden takes next will reveal the seriousness of his administration’s work toward climate justice. President Biden can take bold action without Congress and must immediately declare a climate emergency and stop US fossil fuel expansion while speeding a clean energy transition that does not hurt communities and the environment through irresponsible mining. ”

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