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“The time to celebrate a vague announcement like Exxon’s — calling on nonspecific government actors to reduce oil and gas methane pollution with weak policies — was 30 years ago. Unfortunately, at that point, Exxon was fully invested in successfully denying the reality of climate change.

Now, in the midst of the ongoing climate crisis due in part to Exxon’s past climate denial success, only concrete action will do. That means stopping its own operations from polluting. That means calling directly on President Trump and individual state governors, by name, to enact strict rules to cut methane pollution and to require the oil and gas industry to reach climate targets set by the IPCC. And that means pulling out of all trade associations that oppose such action, like the American Petroleum Institute.

As investors flee and lawsuits mount, Big Oil is finally fearing for its social license to operate, and for its billions in stranded assets should they lose that license. This is the moment to require fundamental change by the largest carbon polluters, not applaud inadequate announcements aimed more at shaping public opinion than changing polluter behavior.” — Bruce Baizel, Earthworks’ Energy Program Director