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Justin Wasser, (202),753-7016, jwasser@earthworks.org

Background: On Wednesday, November 24th, Governor Tom Wolf vetoed Senate Bill 790, legislation that would have further weakened safeguards for water and health and made it even easier for the conventional oil and gas industry to pollute. In his veto message, Governor Wolf stated that the legislation “does not adequately protect the environment and the public health and safety of the citizens of the Commonwealth, and would contribute to a legacy of environmental degradation.”

Statement of Nadia Steinzor, Earthworks Senior Policy Analyst:

“For years, many members of the Pennsylvania legislature have been reckless in their unrelenting and repeated attempts to weaken rules for the oil and gas industry at the cost of communities, the environment, and the climate. The moral failings of their priorities need no better example than the passage of SB790 at a time when COVID cases are spiking in the Commonwealth.

“As he promised to do, Governor Wolf vetoed SB 790 and stood-up for public health and the well-being of Pennsylvanians. He also refused to give into the demands of oil and gas operators to not be held to account for the damage they cause.

“Earthworks applauds the conviction that the Governor voiced in his veto message and hopes he will continue to do everything in his power to prioritize health and climate over this polluting industry–including with upcoming oil and gas rules and permitting decisions.”


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