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Justin Wasser, (202) 753-7016, jwasser@earthworks.org

Background: On April 13th, the Larimer County Board of County Commissioners unanimously voted to extend the current one-month moratorium on all new oil and gas permits until September 15th as they work to update local oil and gas regulations. 

Statement by Earthworks Colorado Field Advocate Andrew Klooster: 

“The Larimer County Commissioners have shown sound judgment by listening to the concerns of residents who demand that public health and the environment be prioritized over reckless oil and gas expansion.

“The Commission and County staff should use this opportunity to adopt strong, health-protective regulations for Larimer County that exceed the protections adopted at the state level following the passage of Senate Bill 19-181.

“Our investigations show CDPHE continues to falter in effective enforcement. It is essential that other municipalities follow Larimer County’s lead and move to protect their communities and our climate.”


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