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Alan Septoff, (202) 271-2355, aseptoff@earthworks.org

“Earthworks congratulates President-elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris on their hard-fought and historic victory.

“The result of this year’s election is, among many things, a rebuke of four years of the Trump administration’s rejection of science and prioritization of corporate greed over the best interests of the American people. Their governing philosophy has been reckless and resulted in economic distress and the avoidable loss of life.

“The election result is also an embrace of American’s demand for a restoration of integrity to our democracy and urgent action on climate, as reflected in Joe Biden’s commitments and promises.

“Our work to protect communities, fight for justice, and prevent the worst consequences of the climate crisis has never ceased. But with the overwhelming endorsement of the American people and the promise of new leadership at such critical time, our work begins anew. Because of today, a just and more equitable clean energy future is within reach.”