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Colorado is failing to protect people from pollution. The safety of kids, families and our communities remain at risk.

Governor Polis and the Colorado legislature owe it to Coloradans to do more to live up to their promises to put people before polluters.

Putting people before polluters means:

  • taking action when Coloradans call for help to stop oil & gas from harming them,
  • holding polluters accountable when they break the rules,
  • stoping the construction of new oil & gas facilities where people are already overburdened by polluters,
  • and cutting the air pollution that is hurting millions of Coloradans.

Bolder action needed to make a difference in peoples’ lives. For Coloradans under plumes of pollution across the state, every day of inaction is another day of ongoing harm.

STORIES FROM THE FRONTLINE: Community Evidence of oil & gas harm

Kathy’s Story

Natasha’s story

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Von’s Story

The Protecting Communities from Air Pollution Act that was passed this spring requires state agencies now to consider all relevant evidence from Colorado residents and advocates when investigating a potential violation.

We need to hold state agencies accountable now to make sure community evidence to work to protect the people who report it.

Make no mistake: communities continue to wait for the solutions needed to truly address Colorado’s air quality problem. It is important to KEEP UP THE WORK to cut oil & gas pollution and ozone now.

STORIES FROM THE FRONTLINE: Cumulative Impacts & Harms

Laura’s Story

Rocio’s Story

Cristina’s Story

In Commerce City, Colorado a refinery run by oil & gas company Suncor pollutes nearby residents. Community members have told stories of cancer, nose bleeds, and asthma becoming something that seems normal.

Cultivando, a community group in Commerce City has worked with Earthworks and others to monitor Suncor for more than a year. The findings were conclusive: elevated levels of pollution and radioactive materials. The community has demanded the refinery stop polluting or shut down. Colorado agencies have been slow to respond.

Colorado has to DO BETTER to put people’s health before polluters.

Get Involved

This summer the Colorado State Legislature will convene a Interim Legislative Committee. Its job will be to make clear without a doubt that bold and urgent action is needed to cut ozone and protect communities from dangerous oil & gas pollution that is harming the people of Colorado.

The interim legislative committee will more closely examine solutions to our ozone crisis in the coming months. The committee will look at Colorado’s air quality problem, explore additional ozone reduction measures, and identify potential reforms to the permitting process. 

This is a moment to tell your stories. This is a moment to voice your support.

It is time to end missed school days, missed days of work, and increased health impacts for communities across the state – particularly communities of color and low-income communities — in Colorado.

Take Action Now!

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