Panel 7: Emerging issues related to natural gas and energy in the U.S.

November 20, 2010

Panel 5: Web-based tools for information sharing and documentation

November 20, 2010

Panel 4: When the landman comes knocking – strategic options for individuals and communities

November 19, 2010

Panel 3: Strategies for reducing community and environmental impacts

November 19, 2010

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Panel 2: Community socio-economic impacts of natural gas development

November 19, 2010

Panel 1: Health impacts from drilling, fracking, waste pits and gas production

November 19, 2010

Pennsylvania and the Gulf: victims of irresponsible drilling

November 10, 2010 • Nadia Steinzor

Clearfield County, Pennsylvania and the Gulf of Mexico don t seem to have much in common. Different landscapes, environments, communities. But now these far-flung locations are linked by accidents that the oil and gas industry insists are unlikely to happen, and the failure of blowout preventers it considers an adequate safeguard.

Halliburton to PA govt: “trust us”. PA govt to Halliburton: “ok”. PA citizens: “What!?!”

November 9, 2010 • Alan Septoff

Whether you believe Pennsylvania's shale gas is a curse, or an opportunity, one thing is certain: the energy industry will be extracting it.

Here's another certainty regarding the energy industry: without adequate oversight, well-funded enforcement, and elimination of cozy relationships, it will successfully push the true cost of energy extraction's environmental risk onto communities who will pay the price of polluted land, property, drinking water, and health.