Families on the front lines of mining, drilling, and fracking need your help. Support them now!

Nevada has the most gold production in the United States and is the location of the only U.S. lithium mine in production at Silver Peak. The state has a long history of gold and silver production, and the state is experiencing a renewed mining rush for energy minerals such as lithium, copper, and vanadium.

Earthworks supports frontline communities facing long term toxic impacts from the current mines in Nevada, and works to propose alternatives to new lithium mining in Nevada to minimize the creation of lithium sacrifice zones that primarily impact Indigenous Communities.

Earthworks supports the People of Red Mountain, a group of Fort McDermitt Tribal descendants who are working to protect Peehee Mu’huh, a sacred site, from the proposed Thacker Pass mine. Through campaigns such as No Dirty Gold, which launched in 2004, we work to prevent unnecessary and devastating gold mining in Nevada. We work with Great Basin Resource Watch, the Progressive Leadership of Alliance, and the Noowuh Knowledge Center to provide technical and networking assistance.