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As an organization that works towards solutions to protect the Earth’s resources, our climate, and our communities, Earthworks is committed to creating a more just, peaceful, and equitable world. It is why, as we continue to witness the devastating violence, dehumanization, and loss of life in Israel and Palestine, we find ourselves compelled to add our voice to the calls for an immediate ceasefire and for the US government to do all in its power to support the Palestinian right to self-determination, safety, and an end to the occupation. We support the advancement of peace, dignity and justice for Israelis, Palestinians and all people in the region. This devastating loss of life cannot be allowed to continue. 

We strongly condemn the heinous attacks by Hamas on Israeli lives and the devastating, deadly, and indiscriminate attacks by Israel on the Palestinian people. The disproportionate nature of Israel’s response has killed thousands and left millions without access to food, water, electricity and on the brink of a massive displacement. We absolutely reject Islamophobia and anti-Semitism in all forms. We call on the US government to demand a ceasefire, an immediate end to military aid to Israel, and for an end to the occupation of Palestine. We support all efforts to de-escalate this crisis immediately and for urgent humanitarian aid to Gaza to the hundreds of thousands of people in dire need of the basic necessities for life, and for protection for humanitarians, medics, and other non-combatants as defined by the Geneva Convention. 

Earthworks stands with millions demanding action to prevent further death and suffering of all peoples in this conflict. 

We acknowledge that many groups are working for peace in Palestine and Israel. Here are some of the other organizations and resources we are following that inform our statement and understanding of the situation: