Families on the front lines of mining, drilling, and fracking need your help. Support them now!

It’s been a tough fall for Senator Manchin. After grudgingly supporting the Inflation Reduction Act over the summer, his efforts to secure a permitting reform “side deal” have been stymied. Why? Because it is terrible and unpopular, not to mention unnecessary. 

If passed, the side deal would gut some of the nation’s bedrock environmental and cultural protection laws–like the National Environmental Protection Act, the Clean Water Act, and the National Historic Protection Act–which communities rely on to protect themselves from irresponsible extraction. The side deal is nothing more than a long-standing wishlist for extractive industries that reduces community input, lessens scrutiny of potential impacts, and will result in less accountability when harm occurs. 

In short: it would be a disaster. Want more details? We’ve got those

Knowing it was too unpopular to pass on its own, Manchin tried to tack it onto a budget bill in September. After a furious backlash, it was pulled. Now, he wants to attach it to another must-pass bill: the National Defense Authorization Act. Both attempts to pass this bill have been incredibly undemocratic, suggesting Senator Manchin and Congressional Leadership know how unpopular it is.We have no time to lose. We are doing everything we can to foil Manchin once again, but we need your help. Tell your representatives to stand with communities impacted by extraction and the climate crisis and stop this dirty deal!