Senators Introduce Sweeping Mining Reform Bill

November 17, 2015 • Aaron Mintzes

Last week, Senators Udall, Bennet, Heinrich, Markey, and Wyden introduced the Hardrock Mining and Reclamation Act of 2015 (1872 reform). Pegged as the solution to preventing future Animas River disasters, this legislation will reform the antiquated General Mining Law of 1872 and bring the hardrock mining industry in to the 21st century.

Brazil Mine Spill: Enough is Enough

November 10, 2015 • Shreema Mehta

Yet another mine failure has caused yet another spill — this time with fatalities.

EPA Requires Natural Gas Processing Plants to Report Toxic Releases

November 9, 2015 • Aaron Mintzes

On October 27, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced they will propose to add natural gas processing plants to the list of facilities that must report their toxic emissions to the public. This decision came as a result of a lawsuit Earthworks joined and filed by our friends at the Environmental Integrity Project and other organizations.