Tell EPA: No Pebble Mine!

The latest comments from state and federal agency experts confirm what we’ve known all along: the proposed Pebble Mine is a disastrous project that should not be permitted. Tell the EPA to reject the Pebble Mine plan and protect Bristol Bay salmon!
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It’s Time To Close New York’s Oil and Gas Waste Loophole

It's time to regulate oil and gas waste like the hazardous waste that it is. New Yorkers: tell your state legislators to support these S. 3392 / A. 2655 and close New York's hazardous waste loophole!
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Tell PA Legislators to Protect People, Not Polluters!

Committees in the House of the Pennsylvania General Assembly are attempting to exploit the COVID-19 crisis to delay essential health and environmental safeguards.
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Demand Pan American Silver Listen to Guatemalan Communities

No community consent. Militarization and violence against peaceful resistance. A mine suspended because of community opposition and a court ruling that Indigenous Xinka rights had been violated. Xinka communities want to know: Pan American Silver: Why did you buy the Escobal mine?
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Tell the Maritime Administration and U.S. Coast Guard to Stop the Sea Port Oil Terminal!

The oil and gas industry has already taken over much of the Gulf coast, contaminating wetlands, dunes, beaches, and Gulf waters and negatively impacting the health of communities in the region. Now, oil giants Enterprise and Chevron are proposing to build a massive, dangerous crude export terminal off the coast of Freeport, Texas.
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Tell your Member of Congress to support 1872 Mining Law Reform!

Families across the country live with pollution from irresponsible mining, and taxpayers—not polluters—too often pay for a cleanup bill which has reached $50 billion. Tell your Congressional representatives to co-sponsor critical bills to bring the mining industry into the 21st century.
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Protect Alaska’s Bristol Bay from Pebble Mine

The Army Corps of Engineers is currently taking public comment on the draft environmental review – a process that could make or break the future of Bristol Bay. We need your voice to protect Alaska’s Bristol Bay, and all those who depend on it.
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Tell JPMorgan Chase to Ditch Ocean Dumping!

All around the world, clean water is threatened by mining. Now, Norway’s iconic fjords are at risk.
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