Protect our public lands from the #1 toxic polluter!

Protect clean air on public lands!

Tell US Bank to stop funding dirty energy pipelines!

Last April, US Bank CEO Andrew Cecere said “we do not finance construction of oil or natural gas pipelines.” But they do.
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No Pebble Mine!

The proposed Pebble Mine will cause lasting harm to the world's largest wild salmon runs in Alaska's Bristol Bay - and you can help save it!
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Tell JPMorgan Chase to Ditch Ocean Dumping!

All around the world, clean water is threatened by mining. Now, Norway’s iconic fjords are at risk.
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Compensate mine workers for radiation poisoning

A federal rule provides compensation to some uranium mine and mill workers, but exclues many. Tell your Senator to expand the radiation exposure compensation program to cover everyone impacted!
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Gold Jewelry is Destroying the Amazon Rainforest

Clearcutting the Amazon rainforest isn't 'responsible.' But the industry-sponsored 'Responsible' Jewellery Council is certifying companies that profit from rainforest destruction.
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Stand with Peruvian Farmers

International mining corporation Newmont has been harassing Peruvian farmers. Stand up for farmers trying to protect their land like Maxima!
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Protect our homes and communities from frackquakes

States like Texas and Oklahoma where earthquakes used to be rare are shaking. It's time to make the ground shake in the halls of power and call on our elected officials to stop the frackquakes!
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Say NO to Dirty Gold!

Don't tarnish your love with dirty gold. Take the pledge to say NO to dirty gold.
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Largest jeweler should protect largest wild salmon fishery

Urge Signet to pledge not to buy gold from the Pebble mine Signet Jewelers, Kay & Jared Jewelers' parent company, is the world's largest jewelry retailer. Jewelry represents 80% of annual global mined gold production. Urge them not to buy gold from a mine that threatens the Bristol Bay salmon fishery.
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Call on Costco to say no to dirty gold!

Tell Costco to sign the Golden Rules of Responsible Sourcing! Costco's reputation as a socially responsible retailer is in doubt because of its stance on jewelry and dirty gold.
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No more dumping mine waste in our water!

Tell the EPA, the White House & the Army Corps of Engineers to close Clean Water Act loopholes Urge them to close the Clean Water Act loopholes that allow multinational mining corporations to use our clean waters as a toxic mine waste dumps.
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