Families on the front lines of mining, drilling, and fracking need your help. Support them now!

Earthworks provides back office services (including payroll, accounting, and administration), a legal framework, and capacity building support to a variety of small programs (single staff or volunteer only organizations) that share its mission of protecting communities and environment from the negative impacts of mineral and energy development.

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Earthworks is a fiscal sponsor to these groups:

Arizona Mining Reform Coalition

The Arizona Mining Coalition is comprised of Arizona groups and individuals that work to ensure that responsible mining contributes to healthy communities, a healthy environment, and, when all costs are factored in, is a net benefit to Arizona.  The Arizona Mining Coalition expects the mining industry to clean up after itself, comply fully and in the spirit of safeguards in place to protect Arizona, and to interact in a transparent and open manner with Arizona citizens.

ARO Working Group

ARO Working Group is a multi-disciplinary network of professionals focused on extreme financial risk currently wound up in the Asset Retirement Obligations of oil and gas companies.
If you have questions about fiscal sponsorships, contact Lorraine at losinski@earthworks.org or (202) 887-1872 x104.