Amid Keystone chaos Congress is voting on one of the worst fracking loopholes

January 28, 2015 • Lauren Pagel

Today, the Senate is voting on amendments to the Keystone XL Pipeline Act. The bill itself, bill number S. 1, is a bad piece of legislation. It pushes the Keystone XL pipeline through – a pipeline that will harm our climate, threaten aquifers and harm nearby communities.  Luckily, President Obama has already threatened to veto this ill-conceived bill. 


On Colorado: Waiting and Seeing

August 12, 2014 • Bruce Baizel

You can’t say that the politics of oil and gas in Colorado have been dull lately.

Last week, on the day that signatures for four statewide oil and gas ballot initiatives were due, Governor Hickenlooper announced with Representative Polis that the four initiatives would be withdrawn as part of a political deal. 


Urge California senators to support the fracking moratorium bill – SB1132

May 29, 2014 • Jhon Arbelaez

Senate Bill 1132, by Senators Mitchell and Leno, is up for reconsideration today in the California Senate.

The bill needs 3 more votes to pass.

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Assembly Bill AB 2711 (Maratsuchi) – Loan to the City of Hermosa Beach -­‐ Support

May 12, 2014 • Earthworks

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Fracking Causes Democratic Outbreaks Across the US

November 6, 2013 • Bruce Baizel

A funny thing happened on the way to the shale revolution – an outbreak of democracy that will send tremors through the oil and gas industry and its political backers. 

Voters in three elections in three different cities (Boulder, Ft. Collins and Lafayette), located on the voter-rich Front Range of Colorado, followed the city of Longmont’s lead and decisively passed bans or moratoria on fracking or drilling.  A fourth election in Broomfield is still too close to call.