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Earthworks Moves DEQ, Newfield to Reduce Pollution

January 8, 2019 • Earthworks
Kingfisher, OK — The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) found Newfield Exploration caused illegal air pollution and violated the terms of its permits at two well sites in Kingfisher County, according to documents recently obtained by Earthworks. Earthworks filed formal… More »
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Environmental Groups Move OK DEQ, Oil & Gas Industry to Reduce Pollution

January 17, 2018 • Earthworks and Stop Fracking Payne County
Stillwater, OK — A complaint filed by environmental groups Earthworks and Stop Fracking Payne County resulted in new equipment to reduce pollution at the White Star Petroleum “Duncan” well pad just south of Stillwater, Oklahoma. The final inspection report, received by… More »
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Trump picks industry puppet to lead EPA

January 17, 2017 • Earthworks

Washington, D.C. -- President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, owns a track record that puts him directly at odds with the mission of the agency which he hopes to head.

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Oil and gas wastewater injection well maps show their earthquake threats to communities, infrastructure

December 21, 2016 • FracTracker | Earthworks

Today FracTracker Alliance releasedinteractive maps of Oklahoma and Kansasshowing the location and volume of all active oil and gas Class II Salt Water Disposal (SWD) wastewater injection wells in the states, and their proximity to geologic faults and earthquakes. Publicly available interactive regional maps of these wells/volumes in proximity to faults and quakes are unprecedented.

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Media Releases

Infrared Videos & Interactive Map Expose Health Threat of Oklahoma’s Oil & Gas Air Pollution

July 12, 2016 • Bold Oklahoma | Earthworks | Stop Fracking Payne County

In partnership with Bold Oklahoma and Stop Fracking Payne County, today Earthworks released new infrared videos of oil and gas air pollution in Oklahoma. The infrared videos -- which make visible normally invisible air pollution -- along with video testimonials from impacted community members are part of a national interactive map created  by Earthworks, Clean Air Task Force and FracTracker Alliance,