EPA Takes Big Step Towards Lasting Protection for Alaska’s Bristol Bay

September 20, 2021 • Bonnie Gestring
Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency took a big step towards establishing lasting protection for Alaska’s Bristol Bay when it announced plans to resume work to protect the region’s wild salmon fishery from the devastating impacts of large-scale mining operations… More »
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Statement on EPA Decision to Protect Bristol Bay

September 9, 2021
Background: Today, the Environmental Protection Agency announced it will resume the process of permanently protecting the Bristol Bay watershed from mines like the Pebble project. The agency said it will reinstate the 2014 “proposed determination” under section 404(c) of the… More »
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Bristol Bay Residents, Fishermen & Supporters call on EPA to Protect Bristol Bay on Anniversary of Obama’s visit to the region

September 2, 2021
BRISTOL BAY, ALASKA – More than a thousand Bristol Bay residents, several thousand Alaskans, and more than 125,000 Americans are calling on the Biden Administration to enact permanent protections for the Bristol Bay watershed. On the anniversary of President Barack… More »

Ten Reasons Why EPA Must Use the Clean Water Act to Permanently Protect Alaska’s Bristol Bay From the Pebble Mine

June 29, 2021 • Bonnie Gestring
Northern Dynasty’s proposed Pebble Mine took a hit this month! The Pedro Bay Alaska Native Corporation announced that it has agreed to secure a conservation easement on land it owns around Iliamna Lake. The land includes part of the “northern… More »

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U.S. Bureau of Land Management Puts Hold on Alaska Public Lands Give-Away

May 11, 2021 • Bonnie Gestring
Alaska Tribes, Community Members and Conservation Groups Share Their Appreciation In the last two weeks of the Trump Administration, the Interior Department rushed to open up tens of millions of acres of public lands to mining and oil and gas… More »

Earth Day Impact: Protect Bristol Bay from Mining

April 22, 2021 • Sophie Shemas
Located in Southwestern Alaska, Bristol Bay is home to the world’s largest and most productive wild salmon fishery. This unmatched resource supplies roughly 50% of the world’s commercial supply of wild sockeye salmon, generating over $2.2 billion in economic value… More »
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Biden Administration Puts Hold on Alaska Public Lands Give-Away to Mining, Oil & Gas Industries

April 16, 2021
Background: Today, the Biden Administration put a hold on the Trump Administration’s last ditch effort to open up millions of acres of federal public lands in Alaska, known as D1 lands, to mining and oil and gas development. The Trump Administration’s Bureau of… More »
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Tell the EPA to Protect Bristol Bay from Mining!

Although the Army Corps of Engineers rejected Pebble Mine’s permit, Northern Dynasty has appealed the decision. It’s now clear that the company will fight to develop the Pebble Mine until lasting protections are in place—something we now have an opportunity to secure.
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Pebble Mine: Investors worth $105 billion join the call for lasting protection for Bristol Bay from Pebble Mine

April 7, 2021 • Bonnie Gestring
This week, a group of fifty investors, worth over $105 billion, spoke out against the controversial Pebble Mine in southwest Alaska – a massive copper and gold mine that threatens the world’s largest and most productive wild salmon fishery. These… More »

The Biggest Alaska Public Land Crises You’ve Never Heard About

January 28, 2021 • Bonnie Gestring
In the final days of the Trump Administration, while all eyes were focused on the highly controversial decision to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling, another effort was underway to open vast swaths of Alaska’s pristine public lands… More »

Pebble Mine Denied!

December 2, 2020 • Bonnie Gestring
A crucial victory, but lasting protections for Alaska’s Bristol Bay are still needed Last week, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers denied the permit for the proposed Pebble Mine, saying that the massive gold and copper mine does not comply… More »
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Earthworks statement on the denial of Pebble Mine

November 25, 2020
Background: The Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) issued its Record of Decision today, denying the proposed Pebble Mine, a massive copper and gold mine in Bristol Bay Alaska that threatens the world’s largest and most valuable wild salmon fishery. “Pebble… More »
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Statement on Pebble Mine Final Environmental Review

July 24, 2020
Background: Today, the Army Corps of Engineers released the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) of the proposed Pebble Mine, a massive copper and gold mine that threatens the largest and most productive wild salmon fishery on earth. Alaska’s Bristol Bay… More »

Morgan Stanley Drops Pebble Mine Shares

June 25, 2020 • Bonnie Gestring
The global investment banking firm, Morgan Stanley, has dropped 99% of its shareholdings in Northern Dynasty, the Canadian company behind the proposed Pebble Mine—a massive copper and gold mine that threatens the world’s largest wild salmon fishery at the headwaters… More »

Pebble Mine: Agency Experts Continue to Find Flaws and Unacceptable Impacts

May 13, 2020 • Bonnie Gestring
The latest comments from state and federal agency experts confirm what we’ve known all along: the proposed Pebble Mine is a disastrous project that should not be permitted. In February, the Army Corps of Engineers released an update of its… More »