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Nya joined Earthworks in June of 2023 as the Energy Field Team Communications fellow. She is a 2021 graduate of Hampton University, majoring in strategic communications. She is a driven, passionate professional who brings a fresh and optimistic perspective to her work.

She is dedicated to working for nonprofits to help them reach their full potential, successfully and efficiently. Nya has a background in communications through her education and her work with The City of Charlotte Solid Waste Services and The Urban League of Central Carolinas as a communications intern for both organizations. She also has experience in strategic fundraising from working with CCS Fundraising in Washington, DC. Through her work with CCS, she supported multiple feasibility studies and successfully led a capital campaign at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Houston, TX. 

Nya was born and raised in Charlotte, NC and relocated back after school to be close to her family. In her downtime she enjoys community organizing, photography, modeling and discovering new passion projects to accomplish. 


Email: nkilpatrick [at] earthworks [dot] org
Location: Charlotte, NC