Nordic Mining’s threat to a fertile fjord Nordic Mining has begun test drilling for a new open-pit rutile and garnet mine near the community of Vevring located in a region on Norway’s west coast famous for its fjords. If constructed,… More »


Norwegian mining company Nussir ASA is pursuing a copper mine in the municipality of Kvalsund in northern county of Finnmark. If approved, the mine would annually dump an estimated 2 million tonnes of mine waste into the Repparfjord and seriously… More »

Ditch Ocean Dumping Photo Album

February 7, 2018 • Earthworks

No Pebble Mine!

The proposed Pebble Mine will cause lasting harm to the world's largest wild salmon runs in Alaska's Bristol Bay - and you can help save it!
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Earthworks statement re President Trump’s Critical Minerals Executive Order

February 5, 2018 • Earthworks
“President Trump’s misguided executive order to speed up permitting of ‘critical minerals’ threatens communities and the environment. The Government Accountability Office reports the government takes about two years to permit a hardrock mine, competitive with other modern democracies with robust mining industries.… More »

Tiffany & Co. Takes a Stand for Protecting Alaska’s Bristol Bay from the Pebble Mine

February 5, 2018 • Bonnie Gestring
Today, Tiffany & Co. placed a full-page Ad in the Washington Post thanking the EPA for its recent decision to retain the proposed restrictions to protect Bristol Bay.  In its Ad, it states: “Tiffany & Co. has long been a vocal… More »

Ambler Road Scoping Comments

January 31, 2018 • Earthworks

California Urges First Quantum Minerals: Stay Out of Pebble Mine

January 29, 2018 • Bonnie Gestring
Today, the California State Treasurer, John Chiang, sent a letter to First Quantum Minerals, a potential investor in the proposed Pebble Mine, urging the company to stay out of the controversial project. The State of California is one of the largest… More »