Peruvian farmer’s fight to protect land from Newmont Mining comes to US

March 15, 2018 • Ellen Moore
Stop the abuse. That is what Máxima Acuña de Chaupe and her family have asked of US District Court judge in a lawsuit recently filed against Newmont Mining. For more than six years, Máxima and her family have stood up… More »

Guatemalan Court Keeps Tahoe Resources Mine Suspended, Orders Presentation of Further Documentation

March 14, 2018 • Earthworks, MiningWatch Canada

New Campaign Seeks End to Ocean Mine Waste Dumping

March 7, 2018
Today an international coalition of environmental and human rights groups announced the start of a new campaign to end the submarine disposal of hazardous mine waste, known as tailings. The practice smothers seabed floors and coral reefs, threatens fisheries, and harms human and wildlife health.

A Norwegian, a Papua New Guinean and an American walk into a Bar

March 7, 2018 • Ellen Moore
Do you like riddles? Then try this one on for size: what does your wallet have in common with Papua New Guinea? Give up? OK, I’ll give you a hint: it’s got something to do with that little plastic rectangle… More »

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House Committee Passes HR 520: National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act of 2017

March 7, 2018 • Earthworks
“Today, the House Natural Resources Committee voted to support corporate interests over public interests. HR 520 masquerades as a bill about critical and strategic minerals, but it instead threatens our waters and disenfranchises our communities. Our bedrock environmental laws exist… More »

Guatemalan Communities Denounce Tahoe Resources

February 22, 2018 • Earthworks, MiningWatch Canada, NISGUA

Dumping by the Numbers

February 22, 2018 • Ellen Moore

Aaron Mintzes Testimony Before the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources on HR520

February 20, 2018 • Earthworks

HR 520, the National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act