Oil & gas pollution near Balmorhea State Park demonstrates Apache’s empty promises, need for public oversight

March 22, 2018
Today Earthworks released a new optical gas imaging video revealing that from March 9-11, Apache’s new Cheyenne Central Processing Facility four miles from the town of Balmorhea was continuously polluting the air with methane and health-harming volatile organic compounds. OnMarch 10th, Earthworks… More »

Corrosion Coupon Information & Results

March 22, 2018 • Earthworks and Northeastern

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XTO Well Explosion Just One of Many Ohio Oil & Gas Pollution Problems

March 19, 2018 • Earthworks
Noble County, OH — Last week, Earthworks filed two complaints with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) regarding oil and gas operations’ air pollution, including the XTO Schnegg well pad explosion and… More »

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Calling on Governors: Take the Road Less Traveled to a better climate future

March 13, 2018 • Nadia Steinzor
Robert Frost’s famous poem is often quoted in connection to personal choices: “Two paths diverged in a yellow wood…and I took the one less traveled by…and it made all the difference.” Today, elected officials in New York and other states… More »

Infrared Video Exposes Exxon Mobil Methane Disaster at Exploded Oil & Gas Site in Ohio

March 6, 2018 • Earthworks
Captina Creek, Ohio — Today, Earthworks released new optical gas imaging video that exposes massive methane pollution at an exploded XTO oil and gas site in Belmont County, Ohio. The pollution has been rapidly spilling into the air un-contained since February 15,… More »

U.S. District Court rules against BLM methane waste rule delay

February 23, 2018 • Earthworks
“Once again, the Trump administration’s attempts to waste our natural resources and pollute our communities has come up short in the courts. Secretary Ryan Zinke’s delay of the Bureau of Land Management’s Methane Waste Prevention rule was, in the words of the court, “untethered to evidence.”

ExxonMobil/XTO endorses rules to cut oil & gas methane pollution

February 5, 2018 • Earthworks
“Earthworks welcomes XTO’s call for methane regulations. As a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil, the largest oil company in the world, we hope XTO goes beyond just words and advocates for common-sense methane standards at every level of government. Fortunately for community… More »