Our Drinking Water at Risk

April 7, 2005 • Lisa Sumi

OGAP has prepared a critique of an EPA study that found that hydraulic fracturing does not pose a threat to drinking water. For a number of reasons, outlined in the OGAP report, the EPA study is inadequate.

EARTHWORKS Launches Earthworks@HOME

April 21, 2004

Washington, DC, 4/21 -- Coinciding with the 34th annual Earth Day Celebration this week, EARTHWORKS today announced a new tool to aid consumers and communities in making responsible choices at home that will help protect the environment and communities around the world from the impacts of mining, drilling, and digging.

Earthworks@HOME will provide information and practical suggestions and tips that will help consumers make informed choices about everything from jewelry to cell phones.  The focus will be on steps that people can take in their everyday lives to tread more lightly on the earth's surface -- conserving resources, producing less waste, and protecting communities.

Oil and Gas at Your Door? (2005 Edition)

April 15, 2004 • Lisa Sumi

OGAP Public Comments to EPA on Hydraulic Fracturing Study

October 8, 2002 • Gwen Lachelt

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