Texas OGAP launches. DRILL RIGHT TEXAS shows way forward for TX drillers and regulators.

February 25, 2010 • Alan Septoff

Yesterday, EARTHWORKS launched the Texas Oil and Gas Accountability Project   a new watchdog to keep an eye on the drilling industry in the Barnett Shale of north central Texas.Texas OGAP also released DRILL RIGHT TEXAS, a guide to gas extraction best practices.

Like its cousin, the Marcellus Shale gas play that underlies most of the north central Appalachian Mountains including New York and Pennsylvania, the Barnett Shale contains vast reserves of natural gas that recently became economic to extract. 

The reason it's now economic: a relatively new drilling technique called horizontal hydraulic fracturing.

You may have heard that natural gas is better for the environment than other fossil fuels. When it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, that is true certainly when compared to coal. But and it's a big but when it comes to local impacts, natural gas extraction/processing/transport as currently practiced is not something you'd wish on your worst enemy, or their drinking water.

Evaluation of Town of DISH, Texas Ambient Air Monitoring Analysis

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Hydrogen sulfide needs Hazardous Air Pollutant listing under CAA Title III

March 30, 2009

Air Sampling Conducted in Monroe, Conecuh and Escambia Counties, Alabama

January 26, 2007 • Lisa Sumi

This report summarizes air quality sampling results for hydrogen sulfide and volatile organic compounds in oil and gas producing areas, as well as residential areas of Monroe, Conecuh and Escambia counties in Alabama. Based on the high concentrations that were measured at some sites, there is a need for a more comprehensive air quality monitoring program in these counties.

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