Tailings Spill Exposed at Mexican Mine

May 14, 2020 • Jan Morrill
Failed cover-up reveals shortcomings of industry self-regulation The Mexican government has ordered mining company Exportaciones de Minerales de Topia (EMISTA) to close a zinc and lead mine in the municipality of Canelas, Durango after the company spilled close to 6,000… More »

China sees 2020’s First Tailings Spill

April 1, 2020 • Jan Morrill
On Saturday, March 28th, the first reported tailings spill of 2020 contaminated local water sources in Heilongjiang Province, China. The largest molybdenum mine in China, operated by Yichun Luming Mining Co, released 2.53 million cubic meters of tailings into the… More »

Donde esperar no es una opción

March 9, 2020 • Jan Morrill
En Sonora, México, una comunidad lucha para evitar volverse en el próximo desastre de la minería. (Read in English) “Si hay un derrame, desaparecemos.”  Escuché diferentes versiones de este aviso varias veces durante mi visita reciente al pueblo de Bacanuchi. … More »

Where Waiting is Not an Option

March 9, 2020 • Jan Morrill
In Sonora, Mexico, a community fights to protect itself from becoming the next major mining disaster. (Leer en español) “If there’s a spill we will disappear.”  I heard different versions of this warning repeated a number of times as I… More »

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