Houston suffers a petrochemical disaster every 6 weeks

April 22, 2019 • Priscilla Villa
In the past month, Houston area-residents faced three major disasters related to oil and gas infrastructure. As a Houston resident, I was alarmed to see weekly news reports presenting the unknown dangers each fire posed to the community members living… More »

Why Straw Bans Don’t Suck

July 27, 2018 • Priscilla Villa
For the past couple months, the debate on plastic straw bans has been in the limelight, for reasons good and bad. Straws are one of the many single-use plastics — use once, then throw away — and according to the… More »

Organizing against fracking in the Americas

January 20, 2017 • Priscilla Villa

Just a few weeks before the end of the 2016, Earthworks joined 18 activists and advocates from Latin America for the Pan-American Workshop. The two-day workshop, held in Little Rock, Arkansas, was organized by Jorge Daniel Talliant, Founder and Director for The Center for Human Rights and the Environment (CHRE), and Jonathan Banks, Senior Climate Policy Advisor for Clean Air Task Force. The gathering included participants from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, and from several organizations in the US focused in California, Oklahoma, Colorado, New York, and Texa

Railroad Commission needs transformation, not reform

September 1, 2016 • Priscilla Villa

The Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) doesn't govern railroads. It governs the oil and gas industry. At least, it's supposed to.

Perhaps the RRC is confused about who it works for due to its confusing name: This public agency operates as if it's a subsidiary of the oil and gas industry it's supposed to be regulating.

That's not hyperbole.

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