Uranium-impacted citizens fly to D.C.

May 18, 2010 • Lauren Pagel

This week fifteen residents and experts from uranium-impacted communities flew into DC to discuss the hot-topic issues affecting the places where uranium is mined.

Another birthday for the 1872 Mining Law

May 12, 2010 • Lauren Pagel

Over the 20+ year EARTHWORKS history, we ve celebrated a lot of 1872 Mining Law birthdays. Every year on the 10th of May, our thoughts turn to the law that should have gone the way of the dodo long ago.

No Fooling: Obama continues Bush-era mining giveaways

April 1, 2010 • Lauren Pagel

The Obama administration defending bad Bush-era mining policies? I wish that I could add an "April Fools!" after that statement, but unfortunately, it's true.

In addition to opening up vast areas of our coastline to offshore oil drilling yesterday, the Obama administration also decided to allow unlimited amounts of our nation's public lands to be used as waste dumps for the mining industry.

Injecting diesel fuel into oil and gas wells (and drinking water)? FRAC that!

February 24, 2010 • Lauren Pagel

According to the House Energy and Commerce committee, the three largest hydraulic fracturing companies may be using diesel fuel or diesel-based solutions, along with other hazardous chemicals, in their hydraulic fracturing fluids.

This potentially violates the Safe Drinking Water Act.

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